“You Know” b/w “She’s A Woman” (1965)
Charles Lloyd

  1. You Know (From the Motion Picture “Ecco”) (Riz Ortolani)
  2. She’s A Woman (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

Charles Lloyd – tenor saxophone
Gabor Szabo, poss. Robbie Robertson – guitar
poss. Ron Carter – bass
poss. Tony Williams – drums

Produced by George Avakian and John Simon

Recorded on March 8, 1965, in Columbia Studio A, New York City

1 and 2 issued on 45 in 1965 as Columbia 4-43290

Recorded during the second of the two sessions for Charles Lloyd’s Of Course, Of Course LP, this single was released in May 1965 – a full six months before the LP was issued. Neither the remarkably brief “You Know,” a bossa nova cover of an Italian movie theme, nor the surf-music take of The Beatles’ “She’s A Woman” were included on the final album. They also sound nothing like anything else on that record.

For one thing, guitarist Gabor Szabo is paired – rather nicely – with another guitarist on these tracks. “You Know” sports acoustic accompaniment while “She’s A Woman” surfs some nicely jangled waves. According to producer John Simon, that guitarist is Robbie Robertson. At the time Robertson was with The Hawks but he was months away from his historic work with Bob Dylan and the forming of The Band.

(Before passing away in 2023, Robertson spent four decades as a brilliant and canny music supervisor for the films of Martin Scorsese.) Simon also claims that Robertson played guitar on Of Course, Of Course‘s “Third Floor Richard,” apparently named for a drug dealer both Lloyd and Robertson knew. But I’m not sure that’s correct.

“You Know” was the single’s intended “a-side,” but radio failed to pick up on this record or its flipside. Lloyd went back to what he knew best but wound up becoming a rock star for playing…jazz. “You Know” was eventually included on the 1968 Charles Lloyd compilation Nirvana. But, to this day, the much better-known “She’s A Woman” remains unissued anywhere but here.