Warm And Wonderful (1969)
Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra

  1. One Lonely Night (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein/Milt Gabler)
  2. I May Be Wrong (Henry Sullivan/Harry Ruskin)
  3. Petula (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  4. Some Of These Days (Shelton Brooks)
  5. Reminiscing (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  6. One Morning In May (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish)
  7. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Bob Crewe/Bob Gaudio)
  8. Only In Your Arms (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein/Lee Pockriss)
  9. This Guy’s In Love With You (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
  10. The Maltese Melody (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  11. Our Street Of Love (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
    Bonus Tracks
  12. I Close My Eyes (And Dream of You) (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  13. Dance With Me Once More (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  14. At The End of Our Love (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  15. Time To Leave (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)

1 – 11 issued as Decca DL 75089
1 – 11 issued in Europe as ONE LONELY NIGHT, Polydor 184 313
1 and 10 issued as single Decca 732471
12 – 15 archival tracks unreleased at the time of recording

Here’s a breathtakingly beautiful new album created by one of the greatest international favorites, Bert Kaempfert. Here are 11 magnificent, romantic melodies that will evoke enchanted memories of moon-lit moments shared by you and the one you love.

Warm and Wonderful is as an apt a description of this music as anyone could imagine. The same record was issued in Europe with its lead track as the title, One Lonely Night, certainly a more despondent way of considering the music heard here than the way Americans would have experienced it at the time.

Indeed, the record feels like the “jazziest” of Kaempfert’s late-period albums. Such covers as “I May Be Wrong (But I Think You’re Wonderful),” popularized by the Tommy Dorsey big band, Hoagy Carmichael’s “One Day in May,” also covered by Dorsey, and the then-recently deceased Sophie Tucker’s 1927 hit “Some of These Days” only reinforce the jazzy perception.

All that jazz comes via the beautifully forwarded improvisations of longtime Kaempfert trumpeter Werner Gutterer and American reed player and then-NDR big band member Herb Geller (1928-2013), who is ethereal throughout on flute. A choir of voices adds a nice orchestral flavor as well.

American trumpeter Herb Alpert seems to inform much of the more modern pieces heard here, including album-opener “One Lonely Night” – which, surprisingly, did not seem to have much of a life outside of this version – and a strings-heavy cover of Alpert’s 1968 hit “This Guy’s in Love with You.” Kaempfert and Rehbein’s Tijuana-flavored “The Maltese Melody,” likely written for the trumpeter, was in fact covered by Alpert in 1969 for a single that reached number 14 on the Easy Listening charts.

In addition to the two aforementioned originals (“One Lonely Night,” “The Maltese Melody”), the Kaempfert-Rehbein team also contributed the jazzy “Petula,” likely named for British singer Petula Clark, who delivered a unique “swinging sixties” take of “Strangers in the Night” in 1966, quite at odds with Frank Sinatra’s version, and was the subject of Kaempfert’s 1972 tribute “Petula’s Song.”

Also, there’s the unabashedly lovely and exotic “Reminiscing,” the dreamy “Only in Your Arms” and the Basie-esque closer “Our Street of Love,” which also closed Herbert Rehbein’s 1969 Decca album …And So To Bed (The Love Music Of Bert Kaempfert ), with Rehbein himself on violin.

Bonus Tracks

All four of the bonus tracks included here were recorded at some point in 1969 – and not issued at the time of the original recordings.

“At The End Of Our Love” first appeared on the 1997 German CD Free And Easy: Good Life Music Vol. 9 while “I Close My Eyes (And Dream Of You)” and “Time To Leave” first appeared on the 1997 German CD Love That Bert Kaempfert: Good Life Music Vol. 12.

“Dance With Me Once More” first appeared on the 1998 German CD compilation My Way Of Life – which is not the same version of the disc as the 1968 album of the same name.

Each of the four bonus tracks presented here were also included on the 2001 Taragon CD of Warm And Wonderful.