Unissued Studio Recordings (1970)
Gabor Szabo Quintet

  1. Darkness, Darkness
  2. Concerto In E Flat
  3. Darkness, Darkness [alt. take]
  4. Concerto In E Flat [alt. take]
  5. Junk
  6. Junk [alt. take]
  7. Misty Roses

Gabor Szabo, Jimmy Stewart (6, 7) – guitar
Paul Harris – keyboards? (1, 3-5)
Wolfgang Melz – electric bass (except 6, 7)
Ray Brown – bass (6, 7)
Jim Keltner – drums (except 6,7)
Felix “Flaco” Falcon – percussion (6, 7)
Nick DeCaro – strings? (3-5)

Produced by Tommy LiPuma
Engineered by Al Schmidt 

Recorded on November 8 (1), November 20 (2), November 24 (3-5) and December 12, 1970 (6, 7) at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California

(unissued: Blue Thumb)

Gabor Szabo went back to the studios in late 1970 to record a follow-up album to Magical Connection. The earliest sessions included the participation – or “oversight” – of Bobby Womack in October of that year. But Womack is on record for “checking out” pretty early on, purposely avoiding the Szabo sessions for a good four months.

During this period, producer Tommy LiPuma attempted to keep the momentum going by bringing Szabo back in to the studio for these four sessions laid down in November and December 1970. Apparently, none of this came to much of anything.

Of the tracks included here only “Darkness, Darkness,” – likely the Jesse Colin Young song, which became the title track of the 1972 LiPuma-produced Blue Thumb album by High Contrast player Phil Upchurch – and the anonymously-titled “Junk,” another outtake from the later High Contrast sessions, are known in any way.

As reported elsewhere, none of these recordings are likely recoverable. It is likely that none of this material survived the June 1, 2008, fire at the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot (the full extent of which had not been reported on until an extensive investigative piece by freelance journalist Jody Rosen in the New York Times Magazine in June 2019).

What a terrible loss, however unacceptable these recordings may have been.