The following releases have appeared under other label imprints (mostly Columbia), but are either described as Tappan Zee productions or feature the familiar Tappan Zee logo as part of the packaging - often due to Bob James's hand in the production. The Kirk Whalum productions are only Tappan Zee productions in the sense that his participation on Bob James's albums at the time was listed as "courtesy of Columbia/Tappan Zee Records."

J.S BACH - Bob James/Guher & Suher Pekinel (1989)

  THE PROMISE - Kirk Whalum (1988-89)

  AND YOU KNOW THAT! - Kirk Whalum (1987-88)

  THE SCARLATTI DIALOGUES - Bob James (1986-87)

  FLOPPY DISK - Kirk Whalum (1985)

  RAMEAU - Bob James (1983)

- Bob James (1983)
Japanese title: N.Y. MELLOW

  TWO OF A KIND - Earl Klugh And Bob James (1982)

MONTREUX SUMMIT VOLUME 2 - Various Artists (1977)

  MONTREUX SUMMIT VOLUME 1 - Various Artists (1977)

The following Bob James recordings include a Tappan Zee insignia, but no reference to the Tappan Zee label and are, therefore, not specified in this discography. Interesting to note that not all of the recordings Bob James - or his group, Fourplay - made after his last official Tappan Zee recording (1984's 12) include the Tappan Zee insignia:

URBAN FLAMINGO (Koch [CD]: 2006)

TAKE IT FROM THE TOP (Koch KOC-CD-9519 [CD]: 2003)

MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT - Bob James (Warner Bros. 9 48270-2 [CD]: 2002)

DANCING ON THE WATER - Bob James (Warner Bros. 47842-2 [CD]: 2001)

JOY RIDE - Bob James (Warner Bros. 9 47355-2 [CD]:1999)

PLAYIN' HOOKY - Bob James (Warner Bros. 9 46737-2 [CD]: 1997)

GRAND PIANO CANYON - Bob James (Warner Bros. 9 26256-2 [CD]: 1990)

IVORY COAST - Bob James 
(Warner Bros. 25757-1, Warner Bros. 9 25757-2 [CD] - 1988)

OBSESSION - Bob James (Warner Bros. 25495-1, Warner Bros 9 25495-2 [CD] - 1986)