Newport 1958 (1958)
The International Youth Band – Marshall Brown, Director

  1. Don’t Wait for Henry (Marshall Brown/Earl Shuman)
  2. Don’t Blame Me (Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields)
  3. Jazz Concerto for Alto Sax (John LaPorta)
  4. Too Marvelous for Words (Johnny Mercer/Richard Whitling)
  5. Swingin’ The Blues (Count Basie/Eddie Durham)
  6. Imagination (Jimmy Van Heusen/Johnny Burke)
  7. Newport Suite, Op. 24 (Bill Russo)

Palle Bolvig, Roger Guerin, Dusko Gojkovic, José Manuel Magalhais – trumpet
Christian Kellens, Kurt Jarnberg, Erich Kleinschuster, Albert Mangelsdorff – trombone
Hans Salomon, Wladimiro Bas Zabache, Andy Marsala (02, 03) – alto saxophone  
Bernt Rosengren, Jan Wroblewski – tenor saxophone  
Ronnie Ross – baritone saxophone
George Gruntz – piano
Gabor Szabo – guitar
Rudolph Jacobs – bass
Gilberto Cuppini – drums

Marshall Brown – director 

Recorded live on July 4 (prob. 02, 03) and 6 (prob. 01 and 04 to 07), 19581, at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island

1 to 7 issued on LP in 1958 as Columbia CL-1246 (mono) and Columbia CS-8073 (stereo)

The bulk of this program was likely recorded on Sunday, July 6, 1958. It’s probable that the two songs featured here with Andy Marsala were recorded on Friday, July 4, 1958. This group is listed as the “International Jazz Band” in the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival schedule (and as pictured on the sleeve of Philips 840046BY).

Arrangements make it hard to detect Szabo’s performance here except during a brief feature in “Imagination.” According to the album’s liner notes, this band debuted first on the Arthur Godfrey TV show and followed this performance with another TV show before touring.

  1. Special thanks to Andrey Henkin for clarifying these recording dates with me. ↩︎