Skye Related Compilations

Following Gary McFarland's sudden and tragic death in 1971, Norman Schwartz unaccountably claimed rights to the entire Skye catalog. Schwartz, who managed Skye's three principals (Gary McFarland, Cal Tjader and Gabor Szabo) during the 1960s, was never effectively challenged and managed to keep a lot of Skye's catalog in circulation himself.

In 1972, quite a number of the Skye titles were reissued by Joe Fields's short-lived Cobblestone label. Cobblestone also issued a Gary McFarland compilation of Skye recordings at this time. Some of the Skye titles were reissued in the late 1970s on Schwartz's own Gryphon label, featuring artwork more in line with the look of other Gryphon releases by Phil Woods, Michel Legrand and others.

By the dawn of the CD age in the late 1980s, Schwartz made an arrangement with the American label, DCC Jazz, to reissue many of the Skye titles on CD. Schwartz even issued a never-before released and oddly-named Cal Tjader session and an equally odd-named Gabor Szabo compilation. None of these titles allude much to their Skye lineage and all thrust Norman Schwartz's name into more prominence than it probably deserved. When Schwartz died in 1995, control of the Skye catalog reverted to his estate (his widow). While it is clear that Mrs. Schwartz probably possesses many of the Skye masters, to this day it is unclear who really retains ownership rights of the material.

In the mean time, the cheaply made DCC Jazz titles have since gone out of print, but the Japanese Muzak label did a particularly fine job reissuing eight of Skye's recordings on CD in 2004, four in 2005 and one in 2006 while issuing two lengthy compilations celebrating the Skye and Gryphon legacies.

Other Skye CD releases have come from the Japanese label, Air Mail Recordings, in 2004, Britain's iconoclastic El Records in 2004 and 2005 and Spain's Absolute Distribution has introduced a classy Skye reissue program in 2007 with two Gabor Szabo titles on Skye.

1972   Requiem For Gary McFarland
Gary McFarland
Cobblestone CST-9019
1975   By Special Request
Grady Tate
Buddah BDS-5623
1990 Latin + Jazz = Cal Tjader
The Cal Tjader Quintet Featuring Armando Peraza
DCC Jazz DJZ-604 [CD]
  The Szabo Equation: Jazz/Mysticism/Exotica
The Gabor Szabo Sextet
DCC DJZ-605 [CD]
1998 Cuban Nights
Various Artists
DCC Jazz DZS-148 [CD]
1999 Latin Jazz For Lovers
Various Artists
DCC DJZ-702 [CD]
2000 Mambo Sangria
Cal Tjader
BOA 1010 [CD]
2003 Cal Tjader Plugs In
Cal Tjader
Vampisoul (Sp) VAMPI 028,
Vampisoul (Sp) VAMPI CD 028 [CD]
  Solar Heat/Cal Tjader
Sounds Out Burt Bacharach

Cal Tjader
Vampisoul (Sp) VAMPI 038,
Vampisoul (Sp) VAMPI CD 038 [CD]
2004 Bacchanal & 1969
Gabor Szabo
  Skye & Gryphon For Café Aprés-Midi  
Various Artists
Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1052 [CD]
  Skye & Gryphon For Aprés-Midi Grand Cru
Various Artists
Muzak (Jap) MZCS-1053 [CD]
2005 Mambo Sangria
Cal Tjader
Fabulous (E) FABCD200 [CD]
  America The Beautiful & Does The Sun
Really Shine On The Moon

Gary McFarland
  Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo
  Fried Bananas
Cal Tjader