Skye Productions On Buddah

After issuing 20 LPs, the Skye label was unceremoniously folded into Buddah Records, a pop-oriented  label that was eventually swallowed up by mega-label BMG. Gabor Szabo and Cal Tjader, two of Skye's three principals, had already moved onto to other labels while Gary McFarland and his manager, Norman Schwartz, attempted to keep operations going at Buddah. This new arrangement resulted in only four albums. These albums utilized Skye's numbering system and included a reissue (Watch What Happens), two compilations and only one new recording (Brazilian percussionist Airto's solo debut). By the end of 1971, Buddah had issued an additional three albums featuring Gary McFarland's participation. However, none of these records included any reference to Skye and all were issued with Buddah's non-Skye numbers. Oddly, in 1972 - the year following Gary McFarland's sudden and tragic death - a Norman Schwartz production for singer/songwriter Roger Shriver featured the Skye logo on the album's back cover, but the album was issued on the Buddah label, using Buddah's numbering system. It is included here out of respect for the Skye label.

1971 Watch What Happens
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo
Buddah BDS-18-K
Cal Tjader
Buddah BDS-19-K
  Blowin' Some Old Smoke
Gabor Szabo
Buddah BDS-20-K
  Natural Feelings
Buddah BDS-21-K
1972 Roger Shriver
Roger Shriver
Buddah BDS-5125