Skye Recordings - A Discography

These are the 20 releases issued by the Skye Recordings record label during its brief two-year life. A product of popular jazz musicians Gary McFarland (primarily), Gabor Szabo and Cal Tjader, Skye reflected its principals' musical sensibilities at the time and their deeply-felt intentions to make jazz more of a mainstream commodity. Honing all they'd learned during tenures at the Verve and Impulse labels, two of jazz's best (and most popular) houses of talent during the 1960s, the Skye principals recorded, packaged and presented their music with a keen eye toward mass acceptance. Artists of like sensibilities - drummer-turned-vocalist Grady Tate, percussionist Armando Peraza, bassist Chuck Rainey and others - were also signed to the label as part of the "Discovery Series" (the first two of these records are signified with a "D" at the end of the catalog number and the next three break outside of the Skye numbering pattern by adding a "100" to the catalog number which followed the previous release in the Discovery Series). Unfortunately, only Gabor Szabo's Skye recordings found much of an audience and, ultimately contributed to the sales which funded ongoing operations. By 1970, Gabor Szabo left for Bob Krasnow's newly-formed Blue Thumb record label and Cal Tjader returned to San Francisco's Fantasy Records, home to many of his famed recordings of the 1950s.

1968 Solar Heat (Review) (Liner Notes)
Cal Tjader
Skye SK-1
  Does The Sun Really Shine On The Moon (Review)
Gary McFarland & Co.
Skye SK-2
  Bacchanal (Review)
Gabor Szabo
Skye SK-3
  Windmills Of My Mind
Grady Tate
Skye Discovery Series SK-4D
  Wild Thing
Armando Peraza
Skye Discovery Series SK-5D
1969 Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bachrach (Liner Notes)
Cal Tjader
Skye SK-6
  Dreams (Review)
Gabor Szabo
Skye SK-7
  America The Beautiful (Review)
Gary McFarland
Skye SK-8
  Genesis (Review
Wendy & Bonnie
Skye Discovery Series SK-1006D
  Gabor Szabo 1969 (Review)
Gabor Szabo
Skye SK-9
  Cal Tjader Plugs In
Cal Tjader
Skye SK-10
  Feeling Life
Grady Tate
Skye Discovery Series SK-1007D
  The Chuck Rainey Coalition (Review)
Chuck Rainey
Skye Discovery Series SK-1008D
Grady Tate With The Gary McFarland Orchestra
Skye SK-11
1970 Journeys of Odysseus
A Jazz Suite For Orchestra By Bob Freedman
Skye SK-12
  Black Is Brown And Brown Is Beautiful
Ruth Brown
Skye SK-13
  Today (Review)
Gary McFarland
Skye SK-14
  Lena & Gabor (Review)
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo
Skye SK-15
An ACT/Inter-ACT Communication
Skye SKI P-1
  After The Long Ride Home
Grady Tate
Skye SK-17