Profiles (1966)
Gary McFarland

  1. Winter Colors (Gary McFarland)
    a. An Early Morning River Stroll
    b. Grey Afternoon
    c. January Jubilee
  2. Willie (Gary McFarland)
  3. Sage Hands (Gary McFarland)
  4. Bygones and Boogie (Boogie & Out) (Gary McFarland)
  5. Mountain Heir (Gary McFarland)
  6. Milo’s Other Samba (Gary McFarland)
    Unissued Tracks
  7. I’ll Write You a Poem (Gary McFarland)
  8. Hiro’s Mood (Gary McFarland) 
  9. Reinstatement Blues (Gary McFarland)
  10. Pecos Pete (Gary McFarland)
  11. Straight, No Chaser (Thelonius Monk) 

Gary McFarland – vibes, marimba
Clark Terry, Joe Newman, Bernie Glow, Bill Berry, John Frosk – trumpet, flugelhorn
Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Cleveland – trombone
Bob Northern – French horn
Jay McAllister – tuba
Zoot Sims, Phil Woods, Jerome Richardson, Jerry Dodgion, Richie Kamuca – reeds
Gabor Szabo, Sam Brown – guitar
Richard Davis – bass
Joe Cocuzzo – drums
Tommy Lopez – percussion

Orchestra assembled and conducted by Gary McFarland

Producer: Bob Thiele
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Notes: Nat Hentoff

Recorded live at Lincoln Center Philharmonic Hall, New York: February 6, 1966

1 to 6 issued on LP in 1967 as Impulse A(S)-9112

A curious and forgotten relic celebrating the composer, arranger and conductor Gary McFarland’s early impact on sixties jazz. This is a prestigious performance of McFarland originals – composed especially for the occasion – at New York’s Lincoln Center in early 1966. The orchestra was composed of some of the most stellar of jazz stars, including such luminaries as Clark Terry, Bob Brookmeyer, Zoot Sims, Phil Woods, Richie Kamuca, Willie Dennis (honoree of this disc’s “Willie,” who died before the record’s release), Richard Davis, Gabor Szabo (soloist on McFarland’s tribute to the guitarist, “Mountain Heir”), Sam Brown and others. The concert showcases some of McFarland’s best writing – although none of the tracks ever factored on a studio recording. There is a welcome spontaneity lacking in McFarland’s studio recordings, despite several obviously awkward moments. Curiously, this album has never been issued on CD. Highlight: “Winter Colors.”