Photographer Pete Turner is a magician of color. He has produced many distinctive photographs that have yielded much great art in advertising (Bacardi, General Motors, BMW Motorcycles, Canadian Club, AT&T and Volkswagen among many others), magazine covers (from Good Housekeeping to Playboy), pictorial spreads (Esquire, OMNI, Look, Holiday), book features (The Great Cities: Moscow) and book covers (notably Dian Dincin Buchman's "The Complete Book Of Water Healing," Luanne Rice's "Blue Moon" and Martin Hegwood's "Massacre Island").

He has photographed exotic locations and events throughout the world and captured many actors, musicians, models, politicians, royalty and American presidents with his own way of seeing. In addition to being catalogued in many photo journals over the last half century, Turner has also published two books of his own work, Pete Turner Photographs (1987) and African Journey (2001).

Pete Turner’s photography has also graced some of the best and most important album covers of the last half-century. Many are the result of Turner's relationship with jazz producer Creed Taylor, whose lengthy career produced historic music at the ABC Paramount, Impulse and Verve labels and, most memorably, at the producer's own CTI Records.

Turner's covers make these records stand out on any shelf. Many are great works of art and worthy of being framed and hung on a wall. Indeed such famed album covers as "Rolling Ball" and Giraffe" are now housed in museums around the world. Turner's covers are never less than iconic and often more memorable than the music they contain. Each is important to the visual history of recorded sound.

Turner's album cover work can be seen here, in the book The Color Of Jazz, published in September 2006 and at Pete Turner's web site,, where information is available on to purchase prints and rights-managed work.

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