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10-Jul-2004 - Universal Jazz in Germany has released Most Wanted 1968 - 1979, a compilation album with - indeed - a lot of most wanted tracks from Lalo Schifrin. To name just a few: the long sought-after Ape Shuffle, that a couple of years ago found it's way - the 45 rpm! - to a lot of discotheques. Or Escape From Tomorrow, the main theme of the pilot for Back To The Planet Of The Apes, that blows you out of your chair. The 45rpm version of Dirty Harry, and the beautiful Agnus Dei from Rock Requiem. Take a look at the tracklist for more info. The very informative liner notes are by Doug Payne, the Lalo Schifrin connoisseur-par-excellence!

Score, Baby!

On the new compilation, Most Wanted, some of Schifrin's rarest recordings are captured. Sure, there are a few familiar tracks like the theme from Enter the Dragon, but there are several 7-inch versions of tracks from Dirty Harry, Medical Center and the Planet of the Apes TV show. Most of it has never been released on CD before, including several tracks from the highly desirable studio effort, There's a Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On.

The 7-inch versions of the "Dirty Harry" and "Medical Center" themes are highlights of the collection. Their high octane arrangements are performed with greater urgency than the LP versions. The complete Planet of the Apes 7-inch is represented here, and it's far funkier than anything actually heard in the TV show.

The only weak bits in this mix may be the later tracks, including "Amityville Frenzy," "Rollercoaster" and "Most Wanted Theme," which tend to sound too disco. That's not to say they're bad tracks; they're merely less distinguishable and less cinematic.

This most welcome collection comes from the same duo who put together the Mission: Impossible... and More comp from a few years back, and covers the late '60s through late '70s. Frank Jastfelder and Stefan Kassel also compiled both volumes of The Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks

Dusty Groove

Funky madness from one of the greatest soundtrack composers of all time -- the mighty Lalo Schifrin, one of the few guys who could fit bossa, jazz, electronics, and funk into one single tune -- and make the whole thing come out like magic! If you only know Lalo from his more famous themes like Mission Impossible and Bullitt, you'll love the range of work included on the set -- as the compilation goes past the obvious, to include rare bits from some of Lalo's late 60s instrumental albums, a number of rare singles, and a few great cuts from his overlooked albums of funky 70s electric jazz! The whole thing's put together with an incredible amount of care -- hand-picking cuts that have an odd approach, interesting musical elements, weird production, and above all, a great funky groove! Plus, the set's got notes on all the music -- giving you a track-by-track listing of where the music came from, why it matters, and more -- all in a style that will have you running to dig through the crates for more of Lalo's rare gems! Tremendous throughout, and with tracks that include "Secret Code", "The Gentle Earthquake", "Machinations", "Agnus Dei", "Theme From Medical Center (7" version)", "Spill The Wine", "Ape Shuffle", "Escape From Tomorrow", "Theme From Jaws", "Most Wanted Theme", "Rollercoaster", and "Amityville Frenzy".

Tribuna da Imprensa

O sangue ferve também em "Most wanted" (53min20s), coletânea do intrépido maestro argentino Boris "Lalo" Schifrin produzida por Doug Payne (também o autor das fantásticas liner notes que dissecam as 16 faixas), Stefan Kassel e Frank Jastfelder para o selo Boutique, da Universal alemã.

As primeiras quatro faixas - com Shelly Manne na bateria - datam de 1968, quando Lalo era contratado da Dot Records. Mas todas as demais são dos anos 70, em sua maioria raridades editadas apenas em compactos, e dispostas cronologicamente. Predomina um clima frenético, de alta densidade rítmica, aplicada a vários temas compostos por Lalo para filmes e seriados tipo "Dirty Harry", "Medical center", Rollercoaster", "Enter the dragon" e "Amityville Horror". Sem falar do arranjo de disco-music para "Tubarão", de maior sucesso do que a versão original do autor da trilha, John Williams.

Arnaldo DeSouteiro
December 13, 2004