Memorabilia (1982)
Gabor Szabo

  1. Caravan
  2. If You Don’t Want My Love
  3. Breezin’
  4. What Is This Thing Called Love
  5. Gypsy Queen
  6. Walk On By
  7. Little Boat (O Bar Quinho)
  8. Love Theme From Spartacus

1 originally on Jazz Raga
2 and 3 originally on High Contrast
4 and 7 originally on The Sorcerer
5 originally on Spellbinder
6 originally on Gypsy ‘66
8 originally on Magical Connection

Compiled by Sonny Carter
Notes by Jean Williams

1 to 8 issued on LP in 1982 as MCA 29065

This haphazardly conceived collection – issued shortly after Gabor Szabo’s death in early 1982 – was the first album under the guitarist’s name to appear in the U.S. in five long years. By this time, Szabo was pretty much forgotten in his adopted home country and the record was largely ignored.

But it is a pretty dull affair. The eight-track program gathers material Szabo recorded for the Impulse and Blue Thumb labels (both owned by that time by MCA), the most recent of which had been put out a full dozen years before…and out of print nearly as long.

Only “Gypsy Queen” and “Breezin” are truly memorable here – mostly because others made those songs well known. Rather than feature pieces that made Szabo notable (or, even historic) as a guitarist, composer or jazz attraction, the record focuses on the guitarist’s covers of popular standards and dated pop songs.

Memorabilia also suffers from one of the worst cover designs and use of typography seen on record. It looks more like a cheap bootleg quickie rather than the major-label release it is. Little wonder so few picked up on it. Gabor Szabo deserved so much more than this.