“Mambo Italiano” / “Sentimental Journey” (1956)
Ėnekel: Myrna Bell, Ritmus kísérettel

  1. Mambo Italiano (Bob Merrill)
  2. Sentimental Journey (Bud Green/Les Brown/Ben Homer)

Myrna Bell (a.k.a. Irma Hosó) – vocal
Tamás Deák – trumpet
Jenö “Bubi” Beamter – vibraphone
Lajos Solymossy – piano
Gábor Szabó – guitar
Aladár Pege – bass  
Gyula Kovács – drums

Recorded June 27, 1956, at Qualiton Studio, Budapest, Hungary.

1 and 2 issued on vinyl in 1956 as M.H.V. T 7283
1 issued on CD in 2002 on Hungaroton HCD 71145 titled Jazz-es Hangulatban / In Jazz Mood: Hungarian Jazz History 10 (other titles without Gabor Szabo)
2 issued on CD in 2000 on Hungaroton HCD 71009 titled Bubi Beamter – Sentimental Journey: Hungarian Jazz History 2 (other titles without Gabor Szabo)

Bubi Beamter:
Sentimental Journey
Jazz-es Hangulatban
In Jazz Mood

These are among the earliest known recordings featuring Gábor Szabó. According to Hungarian jazz researcher and historian Géza Gábor Simon, this recording deserves special attention because the musicians are part of a contemporary Hungarian jazz elite.

More importantly, as Simon points out, these are among the first Hungarian recordings Szabó ever made.

“Irma Hosó,” according to Simon, “appear(ed) under the stage-name Myrna Bell” and lived in the United States. Szabó contributes only rhythm accompaniment and offers no solos here.