The Szabo Equation: Jazz / Mysticism / Exotica (1990)
The Gabor Szabo Sextet

  1. Galatea’s Guitar 
  2. Sunshine Superman 
  3. Divided City 
  4. The Look Of Love 
  5.  Bacchanal 
  6. Some Velvet Morning
  7. Ferris Wheel 
  8. Song Of Injured Love 
  9. Fire Dance 
  10.  Theme From “Valley Of The Dolls”

1, 7, 8 and 9 originally on Dreams
2, 3 to 6 and 10 originally on Bacchanal

1 to 10 issued on CD in 1990 as DCC DJZ-605

A casual selection of songs from an otherwise fascinating period (from two albums recorded in 1968) and a wholly regrettable title. Altogether, it scarcely succeeds in appealing to fans or a new generation of listeners. But, at the time, this was almost the only way to hear anything Gabor Szabo ever recorded.