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Gabor Szabo with Gary McFarland & Co.
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 1965
Sadao Watanabe (f); Gabor Szabo, Barry Galbraith, Sam Brown (g); Richard Davis (b); Grady Tate (d); Gary McFarland (marimba); Francisco Pozo (perc).

a. (90437) Flea Market (aka The Blizzard Song)
     (Gary McFarland) - 2:43
b. ( 90438) Walk On By
(Burt Bachrach/Hal David) - 2:46
c. ( 90439) If I Fell
     (Paul McCartney/John Lennon) - 3:14
d. ( 90440) Gypsy Jam (Gabor Szabo) - 5:54
e. ( 90441) I'm All Smiles
(Mike Leonard/H. Martin) - 2:47
f. ( 90444) Gypsy '66 (aka Lady Gabor)
     (Gabor Szabo) - 7:51

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: November 1965
Sadao Watanabe (f); Gabor Szabo, Barry Galbraith (g); Albert Stinson (b); Grady Tate (d); Gary McFarland (marimba); Willie Rodriguez (perc).

g. (90442) Yesterday
     (Paul McCartney/John Lennon) - 2:24
h. ( 90443) The Echo Of Love
     (Gary McFarland) - 4:10
i. ( 90445) The Last One To Be Loved
(Burt Bachrach/Hal David) - 3:35

Note: (a) Impulse AS-9105 was issued in December 2002 by Speakers Corner Records (Germany) as a 180 gram heavy vinyl audiophile LP. (b) Impulse AS-9105 was made available on May 3, 2005, as an "E-Album" (0246545172) through

Issues: a-i on Impulse A(S)9105, Impulse IPC-9105 [R2R], Impulse (Jap) MVCJ-19129 [CD], Impulse (Jap) UCCI-9099 [CD], Universal (Jap) UCCU-5271 [CD], Universal (Jap) UCCU-9312 [CD]. 
Singles: g & b also on  Impulse 45-244 [45]. 
Samplers: a also on Impulse IMP-1-66 (promo) titled IMPULSE RECORDS: SALESMAN SAMPLER JANUARY 1966. a & g also on Impulse (Jap) SR 3008 titled GABOR SZABO. b also on MCA 29065 titled MEMORABILIA (issued 1982). c & f also on Impulse AS9204-2 and MCA Impulse 2-4155 titled GABOR SZABO: HIS GREAT HITS (issued 1971). d & i also on
El (E) ACMEM148 [CD] titled SKETCH FOR SUMMER. g & b also on Impulse A(S) 9173 and Columbia (E) SMC 74551 titled THE BEST OF GABOR SZABO (issued 1968). 
Producer: Belle-Arts International (probably a pseudonym for Gary McFarland).
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Notes: Nat Hentoff 

Samples: "Flea Market" sampled by Mocean Worker for "Tres Tres Chic" from AURAL & HEARTY on Palm CD-2048-2 [CD] (2000). "Tres Tres Chic" was also featured in the films THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006) and THE PINK PANTHER (2006).

GYPSY '66 is a subdued debut for the eclectic Hungarian guitarist, Gabor Szabo. Unfortunately, it suffers McFarland’s light instrumental-pop approach – an appealing transition for the guitarist who sought relief from the "energy music" he made as part of Charles Lloyd’s quartet in 1965. Szabo does, however, rise above the proceedings on "Gypsy Jam" and "Gyspy 66" to generate the powerful, hypnotic groove he often enchanted audiences with.

BLINDFOLD TEST: Szabo's performance of "Walk on By" heard here was played by Leonard Feather for fellow guitarist Wes Montgomery in a Blindfold Test featured in the June 29, 1967, issue of Down Beat. Montgomery says of the performance, "(t)hat's Gabor Szabo. I can tell right away. He's got a unique style. It's different." Montgomery concluded, "(o)f course, I didn't think that number was particularly exciting," despite having recorded plenty of his own over-orchestrated versions of Burt Bachrach/Hal David songs.

COVERS: During 1966-67, Charles Lloyd 's newly-formed quartet, featuring Keith Jarrett, regularly performed Szabo's "Gypsy '66" (aka Lady Gabor). According to Michel Ruppli's Atlantic Records: A Discography, several performances of the song were recorded (July 23 or 24, 1966, at Antibes; October 29, 1966, in Oslo and January 27, 1967, in San Francisco). Only the October 1966 performance, titled "Gypsy '66," was issued on THE FLOWERING OF THE ORIGINAL CHARLES LLOYD QUARTET (Atlantic SD-1586), a 1971 compilation of previously unreleased Lloyd performances.