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Latin Lounge. . . A cool collection of the hippest and catchiest jazz sounds from the sixties. Composer, arranger and vibesman Gary McFarland (1933-71) bossa novas the Beatles, stirs the lush life into Latin and adds a twist of pop to the sexy sounds he serves up on Latin Lounge.

Listen for top performances by jazz legends Kenny Burrell, Grady Tate, Gabor Szabo, Sadao Watanabe, A. C. Jobim and many others. 20 easy-going grooves that appear on CD for the first time, one previously unreleased recording. Listen to Latin Lounge.

1. fried bananas 2. no other way 3. a hard day´s night 4. over easy 5. can´t help dancing 6. wine & bread 7. the good life 8. theme from `13´ 9. thanks, but no thanks 10. satisfaction  11. more 12. the sting of the bee 13. anna 14. the hills of verdugo 15. runaway heart 16. long live the king 17. once we loved 18. bloop bleep 19. california, here i come 20. here i am

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