Gabor Szabo often performed with very different groups than those with whom he recorded. His first working group (1967-69) recorded only two studio albums and released two live recordings. By the early seventies, Szabo would record almost exclusively with studio musicians. Only Rambler (1973) was an exception.

In performance, Szabo played with a small number of very talented musicians to round out a quartet or quintet. The lineup often changed on a nightly basis, depending upon each individual’s availability.

While the guitarist had a special knack for choosing ideally talented musicians who adapted well to his musical universe, his producers rarely chose well. Bunny Sigler, for example, recorded Szabo in 1976 with a group of Philadelphia studio musicians while pianist George Cables and bassist Tony Dumas was in Szabo’s group at the time.

The unfortunate result was that the much more interesting quartet went largely unrecorded (although the Live In Cleveland [1976] set probably captures this group).

The following lists are compiled from available information on Szabo performing aggregates and published reviews for several individual performances. Recorded groupings are not listed here since these players are outlined elsewhere.

A complete list of Gabor Szabo’s known public performances (Nyilvános Fellépések) between 1954 and 1981 is included in Károly Libisch’s Feketére Festve: Szabó Gábor Gitármüvész Bio-Diszkográfiája (2020).