Gabor Szabo – Guitar Case
by Jimmy Stewart

Gabor always used a hard-shell case for his guitar. I used a bag. His big hard-shell case really did protect the guitar much better than the jazz bag that I used to use for my 175. Later on, I had started using almost all classical guitar with Gabor, so I would be walking with two guitars, one in a bag and one in a hard shell case. But I always remember Gabor with that large hard-shell case.

In fact, he switched to the Fender Stratocaster because he was looking for a guitar where the case was small enough to fit in the car. With the larger case (for the Martin), there was always problems with automobiles. And Gabor loved sports cars. He had owned a Porsche and he had also owned a Ferrari. So you can imagine putting a large guitar case in a Ferrari. That was quite a problem.

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