Thanks And Credits

I launched this Gabor Szabo appreciation project way back in 1996. Back then, there was little in the way of information – or music! – readily accessible regarding the guitarist.

The following people were kind enough to lend their support, insight and inspiration to help me. Some have left us in the mean time. But they live on in these pages and through the many other gifts they left for all of us:

Thanks to Carlos SantanaKitsaun King and Tony Kilburn at Santana Management; Bob Rusch at Cadence magazine; Larry Applebaum at the Library of Congress, John Clement at the Institute of Jazz Studies, Tricia Pickens at Guitar Player magazine, Wolfgang MelzLena HorneRobert Stubenrauch, the late Bob ThieleDr. Peter SomoloSherman FergusonGary BarclaySándor Fazekas, Jazz-Institut DarmstadtRobin Talbot WhiteMatthew GrantTom LordBéla SimádyGéza Gábor SimonJeffrey Andrew CaddickChico HamiltonDebra Fresquez at Musicians Local 47 and Matthias KünneckeKen Drucker and Bryan Koniarz at Universal Music.

Thanks, too, to my friends (the late, great) Jerry Weber at Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh, PA, and Jerry Horton at the (long-gone) Record Mart in Alexandria, VA, and those who helped me launch this site back in the day: Daryl SlusherCindi Vivaldi and, an especially good friend, Jeff Middour. 

Very special thanks to those who helped way beyond expectation: Barbara and John SzaboBlaise SzaboMichael Cuscuna (the Jazz Messiah); Medvigy (Micky) Miklós in Budapest; Terri Tilton and Jimmy Stewart; drummer and professor Bob MorinGöran Åkerstedt in Sweden; Paul Hahn in Vancouver, British Columbia; and Maggie and Richard Thompson.

In revitalizing this online resource – Gabor Szabo 2 Point 0 Twenty Four – I thank the lovely Gabor Szabo biographer Károly Libisch, Irwin Chusid, Stefano Orlando Puracchio, Nik If, Kristian St. Clair, Mike Stax, David Holzer, Mark Cathcart and, as ever, the kind and generous John Szabo.

As always, thank you to Gabor Szabo for the music. The more I hear it, the more I want to hear it.

And, most of all, thank you, Diane. You believed in me from the beginning and you’re still there for me now. This is all dedicated to you.