El Chico (1966)
Chico Hamilton

  1. El Chico (Chico Hamilton)
  2. People (Bob Merrill/Jule Styne)
  3. Marcheta (Victor L. Schertzinger)
  4. This Dream (Leslie Bricusse/Anthony Newley)
  5. Conquistadores (The Conquerors) (Chico Hamilton/Willie Bobo/Gabor Szabo/Bob Thiele/Albert Stinson)
  6. El Moors (Chico Hamilton)
  7. Strange (John Latouche/Marvin Fisher)
  8. Helena (Chico Hamilton)

Sadao Watanabe – alto sax, flute
Jimmy Cheatham – trombone (3, 6, 7)
Gabor Szabo – guitar
Albert Stinson – bass
Chico Hamilton – drums
Victor Pantoja, Willie Bobo – Latin percussion

Produced by Bob Thiele
Engineered by Bob Simpson

Recorded August 26 (3, 7) and 27 (1-2, 4-6 and 8), 1965, in New York City.

1 to 8 issued on LP in 1966 as Impulse A(S)-9102

Note: “Conquistadores” also covered as “Conquistadore Rides Again” by Santana (1968 – issued 1997), the same title used by Hamilton for the song on his 1993 album Dancing To A Different Drummer – both credited solely to Chico Hamilton. Hamilton also recorded the song as “Conquistadores ‘74” in 1973 for the album The Master. Again, the song was credited solely to Chico Hamilton. The publisher of “Conquistadores” credits the song to Chico Hamilton and Bob Thiele, while “the publisher of “Conquistadore Rides Again” credits the song solely to Hamilton.