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While various worldwide conglomerates (including Sony Music, Universal Music, King Records in Japan and TIM AG in Germany) that own some portion of the CTI catalog have issued many of their own CTI-related compilations, the listing below features CTI compilations issued directly by CTI. While a few of these releases were issued to promote the CTI catalog to consumers, most were issued as "promotional only" recordings aimed at radio programmers and record-store owners. None of these compilations were issued in any great quantity and none were ever reissued on LP or CD. Therefore, these compilations are very difficult - and often expensive - to acquire. Please note that certain CTI compilations produced by CTI for consumers included in other CTI series (i.e., The Power The Glory And The Music or the Windows/Jazz Finest collections) are not included here.

1971 Current Cuts 1971
Various Artists
Issues: CTI CTS-1
Master No: RVG 87661 A/B 
1974 CTI/KUDU Guide For Selecting Recording Material
Various Artists
Issues: CTI PUB 4791 (promotional only)
Master No: 4791 A/B
1975 Fire Into Music
Various Artists
Issues: CTI CTS-2
Master No: RVG 54321 A/B
  No Image A Taste Of CTI/Kudu
Various Artists
Issues: CTI (Can) CTS-2
Master No: RVG 54321 A/B
1976 New Releases From CTI/Kudu
Various Artists

Issues: CTI 6792 (promotional only)
Master No: 6792 A/B
1977 Star-Maker Jazz – Spring ’77
Various Artists
Issues: CTS-3 (promotional only)
Master No: RVG 54322 A/B
1979 Star Jazz
Various Artists

Issues: CTS-4 (promotional only)
Master No: CTS-4 A/B