Ray Charles (Grammy Award Winner)

Recorded: December 26 and 27, 1960. Issued: 1993.

a. From The Heart - 3:30
b. I've Got News For You - 4:28
c. Moanin' - 3:14
d. Let's Go - 2:39
e. One Mint Julep - 3:02
f. I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town - 3:38
g. Stompin' Room Only - 3:35
h. Mister C - 4:28
i. Strike Up The Band - 2:35
j. Birth Of The Blues - 5:05

Issues: a-j on PDCTI (Ger) 1103-2 [CD] (=Impulse A(S)2 titled GENIUS + SOUL = JAZZ).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Not Listed (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed

Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd (Grammy Award Winners)

Recorded: February 13, 1962. Issued: 1993.

a. Desafinado - 5:49
b. Samba Dees Days - 3:33
c. O Pato - 2:30
d. Samba Triste - 4:44
e. Samba de Uma Nota So - 6:11
f. E Luxo So - 3:41
g. Bahia - 6:40

Issues: a-g on PDCTI (Ger) 1104-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8432 titled JAZZ SAMBA).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Ed Green (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed

Stan Getz/Joćo Gilberto

Recorded: March 18 & 19, 1963. Issued: 1993.

a. The Girl From Ipanema
b. Doralice
c. Pra Machucar Meu Coracao
d. Desfinado
e. Corcavado
f. So Danco Samba
g. O Grande Amor
h. Vivo Sonhando

Issue: a-h on PDCTI (Ger) 1105-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8545 titled GETZ/GILBERTO).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Phil Ramone (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Blake Taylor

Antonio Carlos Jobim (Grammy Award Winner)

Recorded: May 9 & 10, 1963. Issued: 1993.

a. The Girl From Ipanema - 2:39
b. O Morro (aka Once I Loved) - 3:35
c. Agua de Beber - 2:50
d. Dreamer - 2:35
e. Favela - 3:20
f. Insensatez (How Insensitive) - 2:53
g. Corcovado (Quiet Nights) - 2:22
h. One Note Samba - 2:14
i. Meditation - 3:14
j. Jazz Samba (So Danco Samba) - 2:20
k. Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) - 4:18
l. Desafinado - 2:42

Issues: a-l on PDCTI (Ger) 1106-2 [CD] (= Verve V6-8547 titled THE COMPOSER OF DESAFINADO, PLAYS).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Phil Ramone (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed (Blake Taylor)

Wes Montgomery (Grammy Award Winner)

Recorded: December 7, 8 and 22, 1965. Issued: 1993.

a. Goin' Out Of My Head - 2:11
b. O Morro (Once I Loved) - 4:45
c. Boss City - 3:43
d. Chim Chim Cheree - 4:48
e. Naptown Blues - 3:06
f. Twisted Blues - 4:14
g. End Of A Love Affair - 3:41
h. It Was A Very Good Year - 3:41
i. Golden Earrings - 5:13

Issues: a-i on PDCTI (Ger) 1107-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8714 titled GOIN' OUT OF MY HEAD)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed

Quincy Jones

Recorded: September 14, 19 and 29, 1956; February 25, 1957. Issued: 1993.

a. Walkin' - 10:44
b. Stockholm Sweetnin' - 5:38
c. Evening In Paris - 4:06
d. Sermonette - 5:55
e. A Sleepin' Bee - 4:38
f. Boo's Blues - 5:12
g. Dancin' Pants - 3:47
h. Be My Guest - 4:26
i. Kings Road Blues - 5:03
j. Bright Moon - 5:17
k. The Oom Is Blues - 5:07
l. Ballad Medley - 6:17
     - What's New
     - We'll Be Together Again
     - Time On My Hands
     - You Go To My Head

Issues: a-l on PDCTI (Ger) 1108-2 [CD] (=ABC Paramount ABC782 titled THAT'S HOW I FEEL ABOUT JAZZ)
Producer: Creed Taylor (a-f). Quincy Jones (g-l).
Engineer: Irv Greenbaum (a-f). John Kraus (g-l).
Jacket: not listed

Jimmy Smith/Arrangements By Oliver Nelson

Recorded: March 26 & 28, 1962. Issued: 1993.

a. Walk On The Wild Side - 5:50
b. Ol' Man River - 3:50
c. In A Mellow Tone - 4:23
d. Step Right Up - 4:10
e. Beggar For The Blues - 7:25
f. Bashin' - 6:12
g. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) - 6:05

Issues: a-g on PDCTI (Ger) 1109-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8474 titled BASHIN' - THE UNPREDICTABLE JIMMY SMITH)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).
Jacket: Not Listed

Jimmy Smith

Recorded: April 27 & 29, 1964. Issued: 1993.

a. Theme From Joy House
b. The Cat
c. Basin Street Blues
d. The Carpetbaggers
e. Chicago Serenade
f. St. Louis Blues
g. Delon's Blues
h. Blues In The Night

Issues: a-h on PDCTI (Ger) 1110-2 [CD] (= Verve V/V6-8587 titled THE CAT)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed

Stan Getz

Recorded July 14 and 28, 1961. Issued: 1993.

a. I'm Late, I'm Late
b. Her
c. Pan
d. I Remember When
e. Night Rider
f. Once Upon A Time
g. A Summer Afternoon

Issues: a-g on PDCTI (Ger) 1111-2 [CD] (=Verve V/V6-8412 titled FOCUS)
Producer: Creed Taylor

Astrud Gilberto

Recorded: 1965-1966. Issued: 1993.

a. Berimbau
b. Once Upon A Summertime
c. A Felicidade (from Black Orpheus)
d. I Will Wait For You
e. Frevo (from Black Orpheus)
f. Maria Quiet (aka Maria Moita)
g. Look To The Rainbow
h. Bim Bom
i. Pretty Place (Lugar Bonito)
j. Learn To Live Alone (Preciso Aprender A Ser So)
k. She's A Carioca
l. A Certain Smile
m. A Certain Sadness
n. Nega do Cabelo Duro
o. So Nice (Summer Samba)
p. Voce Ja Foi A Bahia?
q. Portuguese Washerwoman

Issues: a-q on PDCTI (Ger) 1112-2 [CD]
Producer: Creed Taylor
Jacket: Blake Hotfoot Taylor

The John Coltrane Quartet (Grammy Award Winning Artists)

Recorded: 1961. Issued: 1993.

a. Africa - 16:26
b. Greensleeves - 9.55
c. Blues Minor - 7:20
d. Song Of The Underground Railroad - 6:37
e. Greensleeves (alternate version) - 10:49
f. Africa (alternate version) - 16:01

Issues: PDCTI (Ger) 1113-2 [CD] (a, b & c = Impulse A(S)6 titled AFRICA/BRASS. d, e & f = Impulse AS-9273 titled AFRICA/BRASS SESSIONS - VOLUME TWO).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Not Listed
Jacket: Not Listed (Pete Turner)

The Gil Evans Orchestra (Grammy Award Winning Artists)

Recorded: November 18 & 30 and December 10 & 15, 1960. Issued: 1993.

a. La Nevada - 15:33
b. Where Flamingos Fly - 5:11
c. Bilbao Song - 4:10
d. Stratusphunk - 8:00
e. Sunken Treasure - 4:15

Issues: a-e on PDCTI (Ger) 1114-2 [CD] (=Impulse A(S)4 titled OUT OF THE COOL)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Not Listed (Rudy Van Gelder) (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).
Jacket: Not Listed (Pete Turner).

Lamberts, Hendricks & Ross (Grammy Award Winning Artists)

Recorded: August 26, September 16 & 27, October 11 and November 26, 1957. Issued: 1993

a. Everyday - 5:18
b. It's Sand, Man! - 2:27
c. Two For The Blues - 2:42
d. One O'Clock Jump - 3:00
e. Little Pony - 2:28
f. Down For Double - 2:11
g. Fiesta In Blue - 3:14
h. Down For The Count - 2:58
i. Blues Backstage - 2:58
j. Avenue C - 2:52

Issues: PDCTI (Ger) 1115-2 [CD] (=ABC Paramount ABC(S)223 titled SING A SONG OF BASIE).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Irv Greenbaum (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed

Jimmy Smith/Wes Montgomery (Grammy Award Winning Artists)

Recorded: September 21 and 28, 1966. Issued: 1993.

a. Down By The Riverside - 9:58
b. Night Train - 6:45
c. James And Wes - 8:08
d. 13 (Death March) - 5:19
e. Baby, It's Cold Outside - 5:55

Issues: a-e on PDCTI (Ger) 1116-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8678 titled JIMMY & WES THE DYNAMIC DUO)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).
Jacket: Not Listed

Wynton Kelly Trio/Wes Montgomery (Grammy Award Winning Artists)

Recorded: June 1965 and September 22, 1965. Issued: 1993.

a. No Blues - 12:57
b. If You Could See Me Now - 8:21
c. Unit 7 - 6:45
d. Four On Six - 6:44
e. What's New? - 6:11

Note: Although the correct recording dates, listed above, are reprinted on the inner sleeve of PDCTI (Ger) 1117-2 [CD], the erroneous phrase "Recorded in 1961" is also listed on the inner sleeve.

Issues: a-e on PDCTI (Ger) 1117-2 [CD] (=Verve V/V6-8633 titled SMOKIN' AT THE HALF NOTE)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).
Jacket: Not Listed

Wes Montgomery (Grammy Award Winning Artist)

Recorded: March 17, 21 and May 18, 1966. Issued: 1993.

a. Tequila - 3:18
b. Little Child (Daddy Bear) - 2:26
c. What The World Needs Now Is Love - 4:54
d. The Big Hurt - 4:29
e. Bumpin' On Sunset - 4:46
f. How Insensative (Insensatez) - 4:46
g. The Thumb - 4:44
h. Midnight Mood - 5:21

Issues: a-h on PDCTI (Ger) 1118-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8653 titled TEQUILA)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).
Jacket: Not Listed (Pete Turner).

Astrud Gilberto

Recorded: 1964-1965 (?). Issued: 1993.

a. Once I Loved
b. Water To Drink
c. Meditation
d. And Roses And Roses
e. Somewhere In The Hills
f. How Insensitive
g. Dindi
h. Photograph
i. Dreamer
j. It Could Only Happen With You
k. All That's Left To Say Is Goodbye
l. The Shadow Of Your Smile
m. Aruanda
n. Morning Of The Carnival
o. Fly Me To The Moon
p. The Gentle Rain
q. Non-Stop To Brazil
r. O Ganso
s. Who Can I Turn To?
t. Day By Day
u. Tristeza
v. Funny World
w. Summer Samba
x. Berimbau

Issues: a-x on PDCTI (Ger) 1119-2 [CD]
Producer: Creed Taylor

Wes Montgomery (Grammy Award Winning Artist)

Recorded: September 14, 15 and 16, 1966. Issued: 1993.

a. California Dreaming - 3:01
b. Sun Down - 6:02
c. Oh You Crazy Moon - 3:42
d. More, More, Amor - 2:51
e. Without You - 3:04
f. Winds Of Barcelona - 3:06
g. Sunny - 4:02
h. Green Peppers - 2:55
i. Mr. Walker - 3:39
j. South Of The Border - 3:13

Issues: a-j on PDCTI (Ger) 1120-2 [CD] (= Verve V6-8672 titled CALIFORNIA DREAMING)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Not Listed (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Not Listed (Pete Turner)

Bill Evans

Recorded February 6, 9 & 20, 1963. Issued: 1993.

a. Round About Midnight
b. How About You
c. Spartacus Love Theme
d. Blue Monk
e. Stella By Starlight
f. Hey There
g. NYC's No Lark
h. Just You, Just Me

Issues: a-h on PDCTI (Ger) 1121-2 [CD] (=Verve V/V6-8526 titled CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Ray Hall
Jacket: Blake Taylor

Oliver Nelson

Recorded: February 23, 1961. Issued: 1993.

a. Stolen Moments
b. Hoe-Down
c. Cascades
d. Yearnin'
e. Butch And Butch
f. Teenie's Blues

Issues: a-f on PDCTI (Ger) 1122-2 [CD] (=Impulse A(S)5 titled BLUES AND THE ABSTRACT TRUTH)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Jacket: Blake Taylor (?)

Count Basie

Recorded December 13-14 & 20-21, 1965. Issued: 1993.

a. I Could Have Told You
b. Ain't No Use
c. I Could Write A Book
d. Gone Again
e. Come Home
f. I Worry About You
g. What Will I Tell My Heart
h. Don't Go Talk To Strangers
i. I'm Lost
j. Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
k. Come Rain Or Come Shine

Issues: a-k on PDCTI (Ger) 1123-2 [CD] (=Verve V/V6-8646 titled COUNT BASIE WITH ARTHUR PRYSOCK).
Producer: Creed Taylor

Stan Getz

Recorded: August 19, 1964. Issued: 1993.

a. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)
b. It Might As Well Be Spring
c. Eu E Voce
d. Summertime
e. Only Trust Your Heart
f. The Singing Song
g. The Telephone Song
h. One Note Samba
i. Here's That Rainy Day
j. 6-Nix-Quix-Flix

Issues: a-j on PDCTI (Ger) 1124-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8600 titled GETZ AU GO GO)
Producer: Creed Taylor

Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa

Recorded: February 8, 9 and 27, 1963. Issued: 1993.

a. Sambalero
b. So Danco Sambo (aka Jazz Samba)
c. How Insensitive
d. O Morro Nao Tem Vez (aka Somewhere In The Hills)
e. Samba de Duas Notas
f. Menina Flor 
g. Mania de Maria
h. Saudade Vem Correndo
i. A Tribute To Getz
j. Ebony Samba 

Issues: a-j on PDCTI (Ger) 1125-2 [CD]
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Phil Ramone, Ray Hall & Robert Simpson (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)
Jacket: Pete Turner (photograph). Blake Taylor (design).

Bill Evans/Shelly Manne

Recorded August 14, 1962. Issued: 1993.

a. The Washington Twist 
b. Danny Boy
c. Let's Go Back To The Waltz
d. With A Song In My Heart
e. Goodbye
f. I Believe In You

Issues: PDCTI (Ger) 1126-2 [CD] (= Verve V6-8497 titled EMPATHY).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder (Digitally re-mastered in 1993)

Chris Connor

Recorded: April 1955. Issued: 1993.

a. Blame It On My Youth
b. It's All Right With Me
c. Someone To Watch Over Me
d. Trouble Is A Man
e. All This And Heaven Too
f. The Thrill Is Gone
g. I Concentrate On You
h. All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart
i. From This Moment On
j. Ridin' High

Issues: a-j on PDCTI (Ger) 1127-2 [CD] (=Bethlehem BCP-1002 titled THIS IS CHRIS).
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: Tom Dowd (Digitally re-mastered in 1993).

Stan Getz

Recorded: August 27 & 28, 1962. Issued: 1993

a. Manha de Carnaval
b. Balanco No Samba
c. Melancolico
d. Entre Amigos
e. Chega de Saudade
f. Noite Triste
g. Samba de Uma Nota So
h. Bim Bom

Issues: a-h on PDCTI (Ger) 1128-2 [CD] (=Verve V6-8494 titled BIG BAND BOSSA NOVA)
Producer: Creed Taylor
Engineer: George Kneurr and Frank Laico (Digitally re-mastered in 1994).

Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto
Recorded: October 9, 1964. Issued: 1994.

a. Grandfather's Waltz
b. Tonight I Shall Sleep With A Smile On My Face
c. Stan's Blues
d. Here's That Rainy Day
e. Samba da Minha Terra
f. Rosa Morena
g. An Embrace To Bonfa
h. Bim Bom
i. Meditation
j. O Pato 
k. It Might As Well Be Spring
l. Only Trust Your Your Heart
m. Corcovado
n. The Girl From Ipanema
o. You And I 

Issues: PDCTI (Ger) 1129-2 [CD]
Producer: Creed Taylor

Jimmy Smith

Recorded March 26, 1962-September 23, 1966. Issued: 1994.

a. Got My Mojo Workin' - 7:54
b. C Jam Blues - 3:48
c. Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? - 4:26
d. Satin Doll - 7:03
e. Blues In The Night - 4:43
f. Night Train - 6:45
g. Blue Bash - 5:01
h. The Organ Grinder's Swing - 2:13
i. Greensleeves - 8:52

Issues: a-i on PDCTI (Ger) 1130-2 [CD].
Producer: Creed Taylor
Jacket: Plaid River Design

Jimmy Smith

Issues: PDCTI 1131-2 [CD]
Producer: Creed Taylor