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The mighty alchemy of sound known as the Clarke-Boland Big Band was peopled by a stellar cast of international jazz notables in its all-too brief lifetime from 1961 to 1972 - none less than its two principals.

Indeed, the many worldly musicians that aligned themselves with the Clarke-Boland Big Band were in awe of either one or both of the principals and wanted to speckle the elegant universe that was the Clark Boland Big Band.

This dually-led collective was conceived, supervised, supported and sustained by the incredible Gigi


Campi (b. 1928), a German entrepreneur with a deep, abiding love of jazz, who fostered a lifetime commitment to this group’s principals and the sound of surprise they made together.

The genesis of genius was the combination of Pittsburgh-born drummer Kenny “Klook” Clarke (1914-1985), one of the key progenitors of America’s be-bop movement, and the brilliant Belgian Francy Boland (1929-2005), a composer, arranger and pianist of remarkable, Ellingtonian and equally un-Ellington talents. 

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