Bert Kaempfert American Singles

March 1958Midnight Blues9-30616 
May 1959Cerveza9-30866 
September 1960Wonderland By Night9-31141 
 Dreaming the Blues  
April 1961Tenderly31236 
 Without Your Love  
June 1961Now and Forever31279 
 Only Those in Love  
January 1962Afrikaan Beat31350 
 Echo in the Night  
April 1962That Happy Feeling31388 
 Take Me  
September 1962Golden Wings in the Sun31420 
 Cinderella After Midnight  
November 1962Happy Trumpeter31439 
 Tootie Flutie  
February 1963Gentleman Jim31463 
 Tipsy Gypsy (featuring Herbert Rehbein)  
May 1963Danke Schoen31498 
 Give and Take  
August 1963Don’t Talk To Me31532 
 The Bass Walks  
November 1963The Little Drummer Boy31560 
 Jingo Jango  
April 1964The Big Build Up31611 
 Dancing in a Dream  
July 1964Blue Midnight31638 
August 1964Almost There31666 
 Treat For Trumpet  
December 1964Red Roses for a Blue Lady31722 
 Lonely Nightingale   
April 1965Three O’Clock in the Morning31778 
 Nothing’s New  
June 1965Moon Over Naples31812 
 The Moon is Making Eyes  
December 1965Holiday For Bells31873 
 Jumpin’ Jiminy Christmas  
January 1966Bye Bye Blues31882 
 Remember When  
April 1966Strangers in the Night31945 
 But Not Today  
August 1966I Can’t Give You Anything But Love32008 
November 1966Hold Back The Dawn32051 
 So What’s New  
February 1967Hold Me32094 
 Pussy Footin’  
July 1967Night Dreams32159 
October 1967You Are My Sunshine32204 
 Love for Love  
December 1967Caravan32241 
March 1968The First Waltz32283 
 Somebody Loves You  
June 1968Lonely is the Name32329 
 Mister Sandman  
September 1968(You Are) My Way of Life32379 
 Malaysian Melody  
April 1969One Lonely Night732471 
 The Maltese Melody  
June 1969Games People Play732518 
 Love Me Happy  
February 1970We Can Make It Girl732647 
 Someday We’ll Be Together  
July 1970Love Theme (From “You Can’t Win ‘Em All”)32715 
 Flight to Mecca  
December 1970Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)32772 
March 1971In Apple Blossom Time32809 
 My Love  
September 1971In Our Time (A Musical Prayer for Peace)32875 
 Proud Mary  
February 1972Only a Fool (Would Lose You)32935 
 Lonely is the Name  
1973Wonderland by Night60008 
 Strangers in the Night  
1973That Happy Feeling60095 
 Moon Over Naples  
1974Moon Over Baja40221 
 The Most Beautiful Girl  

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