1995The Very Best of Bert KaempfertTARCD-1014 
1996Christmas WonderlandTARCD-1020 
 That Happy FeelingTARCD-1021 
1997That Latin Feeling / Blue MidnightTARCD-1043 
 The Magic Music of Far Away PlacesTARCD-1044 
 Three O’Clock in the MorningTARCD-1045 
1999A Man Could Get Killed / Strangers in the NightTARCD-1050 
 Bye Bye BluesTARCD-1051 
 Hold Me / The World We KnewTARCD-1052 
 April in Portugal / Wonderland by NightTARCD-1064 
 The Wonderland of Bert Kaempfert / Dancing in WonderlandTARCD-1065 
 With a Sound in My Heart / Afrikaan Beat and Other FavoritesTARCD-1066 
 Lights Out, Sweet Dreams / Living it Up!TARCD-1067 
2001. . . Love That Bert Kaempfert / My Way of LifeTARCD-1083 
 Warm and WonderfulTARCD-1084 
 Traces of Love / The Kaempfert TouchTARCD-1085 
 Free and EasyTARCD-1086 

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