Bert Kaempfert Billboard Chart History


Date of
May 1962That Happy Feeling56 
August 1963Living it Up!87 
December 1963Lights Out, Sweet Dreams79 
April 1965Blue Midnight5 
September 1965Three O’Clock in the Morning42 
November 1965The Magic Music of Far Away Places27 
April 1966Bye Bye Blues46 
July 1966Strangers in the Night39 
October 1966Bert Kaempfert’s Greatest Hits30 
June 1967Hold Me122 
October 1967The World We Knew136 
November 1968My Way of Life186 
March 1969Warm and Wonderful194 
November 1969Traces of Love153 
March 1970The Kaempfert Touch87 
February 1971Orange Colored Sky140 
September 1971Bert Kaempfert Now!188 


Date of
US Easy
January 1961Wonderland by Night1
March 1961Cerveza73
April 1961Tenderly31
September 1961Now and Forever4814
March 1962Afrikaan Beat4211
February 1962Echo in the Night108
June 1962That Happy Feeling67
March 1965Red Roses for a Blue Lady112
June 1965Three O’Clock in the Morning3310
August 1965Moon Over Naples596
February 1966Bye Bye Blues545
July 1966Strangers in the Night1248
October 1966I Can’t Give You Anything but Love1006
April 1967Hold Me37
September 1967Talk39
February 1968Caravan10
April 1968The First Waltz30
July 1968Mister Sandman12
October 1968(You Are) My Way of Life17
August 1969Games People Play30
March 1970Someday We’ll Be Together27
December 1970Sweet Caroline24

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