The Kaempfert Touch (1970)
Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra

  1. Something (George Harrison)
  2. Headin’ Home (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  3. Didn’t We (Jimmy Webb)
  4. We Can Make It, Girl (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein/Charles Singleton/Larry Kusik/Eddie Snyder)
  5. Someday We’ll Be Together (Johnny Bristol/Jackey Beavers/Harvey Fuqua)
  6. You’re Mine (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  7. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
  8. Jean (Rod McKuen)
  9. This Woman Is Mine (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  10. One Day With You (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  11. She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) (Leon N. Carr/Paul Vance)
  12. All For You (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
    Bonus Tracks
  13. I Stay With You (Bert Kaempfert)
  14. So Young – So Alive (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  15. Sunset Melody (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  16. Honeymoon (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  17. And There Was Love (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)
  18. Oriental Traveler (Bert Kaempfert/Herbert Rehbein)

1 -12 issued as Decca DL 75175 (stereo)
1 – 12 issued in Europe as Polydor 2310 009 (stereo)
4 and 5 issued as singled Decca 732647
1, 4, 6, 8, 11 and 12 issued as EP Decca DL 734733
13 – 18 archival tracks unreleased at time of recording

Unlike new car models, great orchestras go out of their way to avoid changing styles. So you’ll be happy to know that the first new Kaempfert release for the 1970’s is the same great model of music-making magic…After all, who tampers with a Rolls Royce?

If Warm and Wonderful felt a little like looking back, The Kaempfert Touch feels more like looking forward. While the orchestras of Percy Faith, Ray Conniff, Hugo Winterhalter, James Last, Paul Mauriat and others were well-versed in Top 40 radio fare at the time, Bert Kaempfert had largely avoided it. Until The Kaempfert Touch that is. Indeed, Bert Kaempfert tackled the new decade with a whole new attitude, without ever sacrificing that “Kaempfert touch” that is so uniquely his own.

Here, the maestro takes on popular themes from two films (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie), radio hits by Richard Harris (“Didn’t We”), Diana Ross and The Supremes (“Someday We’ll Be Together”) and the riveting “She Lets Her Hair Down (Early in the Morning),” a song known to millions then as the theme to a Miss Clairol Hair Color commercial (“Does she or doesn’t she?”) that plays much like a proto-video.

On tap here, too, is George Harrison’s lovely “Something,” from The Beatles’ then-recent and hugely popular Abbey Road album. Again, while band leaders and others went out of their way to cover The Beatles during this period, Kaempfert – the man who first discovered and recorded The Beatles – surprisingly steered clear of the Fab Four. Until “Something.”

Fully half of the album is given over to Kaempfert and co-writer Herbert Rehbein’s always welcome originals, highlighted here by the almost retro Kaempfert funk of “Headin’ Home” and the lovely bossa nova of “All for You.”

The album’s single release, “We Can Make It Girl” – which sounds as though it was written for Tom Jones, but was covered instead by British crooner Malcolm Roberts – was flipped in favor of the positively spunky “Someday We’ll Be Together,” to become one of Kaempfert’s last charting singles.

The great engineer Peter Klemt nabbed himself a Grammy Award nomination for The Kaempfert Touch, putting him in the heady company of albums engineered for The Carpenters, Neil Diamond and The Moody Blues. Klemt ended up losing the award to engineer Roy Halee, who won that year for his work on Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Still, Klemt’s nomination makes The Kaempfert Touch Bert Kaempfert’s only Grammy-nominated album.

The Bert Kaempfert Decca Collection ends with this disc, the German bandleader’s twenty-third American release. But Decca continued releasing the Kaempfert albums Traces of Love (1969), Free and Easy (1970), Bert Kaempfert Now (1971), Orange Colored Sky (1971) and 6 Plus 6 (1972) – all of which shared identical artwork and track lists with the respective German Polydor albums and were subsequently released on CD.

After the Decca label was folded into MCA in December 1972, Kaempfert waxed another half dozen discs for the label. These were his final American records, although Kaempfert continued recording many worthy and wonderful live and studio albums in Europe through his death in 1980.

Bonus Tracks

The Kaempfert Touch includes six bonus tracks from the voluminous Kaempfert archive that were not issued at the time of the original album releases. “I Stay With You” (1970) first appeared on the 1996 German CD release Strangers In The Night: Good Life Music Vol. 2. “So Young – So Alive” (also 1970) made its first appearance on the 1998 German CD compilation Bert Kaempfert – My Way Of Life.

“Sunset Melody” and “Honeymoon” are likely outtakes from the 1969 Kaempfert album Traces Of Love but were not issued until the release of the 1997 German CD release of One Lonely Night: Good Life Music Vol. 8. (The European title One Lonely Night was issued as Warm And Wonderful in the U.S.)

“And There Was Love” (1970), possibly an outtake from The Kaempfert Touch, was first heard on the 1997 German CD of The Kaempfert Touch: Good Life Music Vol. 13. Finally, “Oriental Traveler” (1970) appears on the 2001 Taragon CD release of Kaempfert’s 1970 album Free And Easy – as do all of the other five bonus tracks that appear here.