The Bert Kaempfert American Discography
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Bert Kaempfert American LPs

May 1959April in PortugalDL 8881DL 78881
November 1960Wonderland by NightDL 4101DL 74101
April 1961The Wonderland of Bert KaempfertDL 4117DL 74117
August 1961Dancing in WonderlandDL 4161DL 74161
January 1962With A Sound in My HeartDL 4228DL 74228
May 1962Afrikaan Beat and Other FavoritesDL 4273DL 74273
August 1962That Happy FeelingDL 4305DL 74305
April 1963Living it Up!DL 4374DL 74374
August 1963Lights Out, Sweet DreamsDL 4265DL 74265
October 1963Christmas WonderlandDL 4441DL 74441
March 1964That Latin FeelingDL 4490DL 74490
November 1964Blue MidnightDL 4569DL 74569
April 1965The Magic Music of Far Away PlacesDL 4616DL 74616
July 1965Three O’Clock in the MorningDL 4670DL 74670
February 1966Bye Bye BluesDL 4693DL 74693
April 1966A Man Could Get KilledDL 4750DL 74750
June 1966Strangers in the NightDL 4795DL 74795
April 1967Hold MeDL 4860DL 74860
August 1967The World We KnewDL 4925DL 74925
March 1968. . . Love That Bert KaempfertDL 4986DL 74986
September 1968My Way of LifeDL 75059
February 1969Warm and WonderfulDL 75089
August 1969Traces of LoveDL 75140
February 1970The Kaempfert TouchDL 75175
August 1970Free and EasyDL 75234
December 1970Orange Colored SkyDL 75256
August 1971Bert Kaempfert Now!DL 75305
April 19726 Plus 6DL 75322
March 1973Fabulous Fifties . . . And New Delights MCA-314
September 1973To The Good Life MCA-368
February 1974The Most Beautiful Girl MCA-402
October 1974Gallery MCA-447
March 1975Golden Memories MCA-466
August 1975Moon Over Miami MCA-489

Bert Kaempfert American Compilation LPs

1966Bert Kaempfert’s Greatest HitsDL 4810DL 74810
1967Bert Kaempfert’s Best (Special Club Edition)DL 734485
1968The Best of Bert KaempfertDXSB 7200
1972Bert Kaempfert Greatest Hits Volume 2DL 75367
   MCA Special
1970Magic Moods – Roger Williams / Bert Kaempfert DL 734729
1973The Best of Bert Kaempfert (reissue) MCA2 4043
1976The Best of Bert Kaempfert Vol. 2 MCA2 4100

Bert Kaempfert Compilation LPs Licensed by Decca to Longines Symphonette Society

1964Sweet and Gentle LW 304
1970Strangers in the Night LWS 299-303
1972Bert Kaempfert In L.O.V.E. SYS 5522

Bert Kaempfert American EPs

1960Wonderland By NightED 2697 
1962That Happy FeelingED 2721 
 That Happy FeelingDL 7-34054 
1963Living it Up!DL 7-34160 
1964Red Roses for a Blue LadyED 2796 
 The Magic Music of Far Away PlacesDL 7-34320 
1965Three O’Clock in the MorningDL 7-34334 
1966Bye Bye BluesDL 7-34359 
 Bert Kaempfert’s Greatest HitsDL 7-34390 
1967Hold MeDL 7-34449 
 . . . Love That Bert KaempfertDL 734527 
1970The Kaempfert TouchDL 734733 
1971Orange Colored Sky1905 

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