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LEna Horne & Gabor Szabo

Recorded: 1969. Issued: May 16, 2005

a. My Mood Is You (from LENA & GABOR)
b. Galatea's Guitar (from DREAMS)
c. Watch What Happens (from LENA & GABOR)
d. Something (from LENA & GABOR)
e. Everybody's Talkin' (from LENA & GABOR)
f. Fool On The Hill (from LENA & GABOR)
g. Song Of Injured Love (from DREAMS)
h. Ferris Wheel (from DREAMS)
i. Yesterday When I Was Young
     (from LENA & GABOR)
j. Rocky Racoon (from LENA & GABOR)
k. A Message To Michael (from LENA & GABOR)
l. Nightwind (from LENA & GABOR)
m. In My Life (from LENA & GABOR)
n. Fire Dance (from DREAMS)

Issues: a-n on El (E) ACMEM42CD [CD].