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There has been no more or better effort to keep CTI Records alive and available than what Japan's King Records have done since the mid 1970s. King Records regularly issues and reissues CTI titles in Japan - and has even benefited listeners with CTI related records never issued outside Japan (Art Farmer's "Live In Tokyo," Roland Hanna's "24 Preludes" and Urszula's "High Horse"). King tends to issue CTI titles repeatedly, so it's likely you'll find many Japanese numbers in this discography. On the down side, though, King's CTI titles tend to go out of print very quickly. On the up swing, King Records often works from the direct masters of the CTI recordings - so their issues will always sound (and look) better than every domestic CTI CD. The following lists indicate just how extensively - and continually - King Records allows the CTI legacy to survive. Contributions and additions are most welcome by writing to me at dpayne@ix.netcom.com