CTI Records

1000 Series

Creed Taylor left the auspices of A & M to initiate CTI as an independent entity in May 1970. This little known part of CTI's history spanned only five releases. All were recorded between mid-1969 and mid-1970, during the time Taylor was recording memorable work for A & M and his own CTI label, but none of these recordings showed the personality or distinctive character of Taylor's other work. More...

1969 Kathy McCord
Kathy McCord
Issues: CTI 1001
Master No: CT 1001 A/B
  Crying Song
Hubert Laws
Issues: CTI 1002
Master No: CT 1002 A/B
Issues: CTI 1003
Master No.: CT 1003 A/B 
  Oklahoma Toad
Dave Frishberg
Issues: CTI 1004
Master No.: CT 1004 A/B
1970 Black Out
Fats Theus
Issues: CTI 1005
Master No: RVG 87656 A/B